My Teaching Philosophy

Being in only my second year of education, I have not had to make my philosophy of education yet and I am not sure exactly what I believe so far since I have not had much experience in the classroom. The following is what I have valued from what I have learned in my classes so far.

As a future teacher, I believe that all children have the right to a great education not just in academics but in life. I want my future students to be properly informed about issues in their city, country and around the world and to be able to talk about them. That being said, I do not believe that children should be indoctrinated to believe what we want them to. I want my students to be able to think critically about issues and be able to make their own knowledgeable decisions about what they believe. Critical thinking and problem solving are vital skills that children need to be successful in the future.

I also believe that all children need to be represented in my classroom. By seeing a representation of themselves in the classroom, whether that is in a book, in art, or in the subjects taught in class, children feel that they belong and are valued. These are things that I want all my students to feel when learning in my classroom.

Lastly, I feel that equity should be taught over equality. All children should be equally valued in a classroom but that does not mean that each child should receive identical treatment. Every child has a unique set of learning needs that need to be addressed while in the classroom. One child may work better talking to others while another child needs absolute quiet. One child might need a modified assignment while another needs more work to challenge them. Although no child will like everything I do in my classroom, I will make sure that every child likes something and will benefit from what I am teaching.

These are my beliefs about education so far in my university journey. Hopefully they will bloom and grow as I journey forward into a full philosophy in which I am proud!

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