My Lesson Plans

Environmental Agriculture Lessons – Grade 4

These lesson plans are from my ESCI class I took in my second year. We had a major project where we were required to, in groups of four, create ten lesson plans with an environmental education aspect. I believe that including lessons in, about, and for the environment is very important in today’s society where we tend to be very wasteful and take our planet for granted. I received permission from my group to post our ten lesson plans that we worked on together about the environment. Each lesson is based on the Saskatchewan grade four curriculum, but can be modified for use in any grade. Feel free to use them in your classroom if you like them, for I believe collaboration between teachers is very important!

ESCI – Final Lesson Plans – Agriculture

Thank you to Melissa Senger, Morgan Burns, and Nicole Malawski for allowing me to post our group project for everyone to see and share!

Treaty Education – Grade 4

I made this unit for my ESST (Education Social Studies) class last term as our final assignment. It only has two complete lesson plans but it contains detailed ideas for eight more. I am planning on using this as a guide for my three week block coming up in March as I am teaching my grade five class about treaties. Feel free to take whatever you need from it and always remember to use your schools treaty kit as a resource if you need more help.


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