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Fitness Goals for the Year

18 Jan


In the new year I have decided to get back to the gym and works towards the fitness goals I seem to have forgotten in the past four months. However, as most of you know, starting over again is never easy. Especially when the choice you have is either getting an extra hour of sleep or dying in a pool of sweat…Anyways, my friend and gym buddy Karissa showed me the little quote you see above. It not only motivated me but also put things into perspective: you are never going to see results immediately. Sure, I feel great after I work out, but it can be frustrating when you can’t see dramatic results right away. So when I saw this quote it kicked my butt into gear and so far my fitness goals are standing strong:)

I also thought this quote could work quite well for physical education. When we teach our students a new skill we can’t expect to see results right away. It can take weeks before we might see them improve, but the important thing is that they are learning a skill that will help them in a life time of fitness and being healthy. We as their teachers are responsible for motivating them and one way of doing that is being a role model when it comes to fitness. We ourselves need to demonstrate that we think keeping our bodies healthy is important. If we can show them this positive attitude they might just adopt that positive attitude as their own. It might take time, but we just have to keep pushing through.

So to all of my colleagues out there going through a hard time, whether it be in physical education, your own fitness goals, or anywhere else in life, keep going. One day soon you will see the results you have been working so hard towards. I believe in you!

Back to Blogging!

16 Jan

Well hello there world!

Yes, the news you’ve been hearing is true…Brenna is back to the blogging world! I know it has been a long time (almost a year…how embarrassing…) but I have finally sat down to wirte another post! Well I guess I should be honest with you…the reason I am back blogging is because of the EPE (Elementary Physical Education) class I am taking. It is a class requirement. However, this does not mean that I am not excited to be back! I am actually super glad that this is a class assignment because the truth is lately I have been wanting somewhere to talk out some thoughts and here on my blog is the perfect place to do it! So let’s hope that this time it lasts longer than a semester!