This is Me!!

Hello!! I’m a first-time blog user by the name of Brenna Moser. Presently I am a pre-service elementary teacher at the University of Regina. I grew up in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, which is an hour south-east of Regina. During highschool I loved anything to do with singing and drama, so I am now trying to tap back into my musical side of life by re-discovering the piano. On my down time, I love to swim as I have been a speed swimmer, a water polo player and lifeguard in the past. I also like water in snow form as I like to snowboard (even if I am not that good at it). Recently, I discovered Zumba and I am taking classes at the University. It is so much fun and a great work out! Other than that, I absolutely love to hang out with my friends, my family, my boyfirend and my dog Bella as they are my whole world.

On my teaching journey so far I have realised that many teachers today have a negative view on technology in the classroom. They believe that technology is distracting children from learning. Opposite to that, I believe that as teachers we can use technology in the classroom to aid learning. This doesn’t just mean computers either; mobile phones, i-pods, etc. can all be used educationally to a certain extent. Plus, many students interests are growing in technology, and if we use technology in our classrooms than maybe we can also capture more students’ interests. This is why I am trying my best to include technology in my teachings, and this blog is the first step. If you have any tips or resources to give me on technology or teaching in general it would be much appreciated!

I hope that you may use this blog to follow alongside me on my teaching journey and see how much I learn and grow.

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