Three Week Block

3 Mar

I am both quite excited and quite nervous to go back to the school I am pre interning at for my three week block. I have been working extremely hard on planning my unit for my grade five students on treaties and their relationship to the Canadian government. I was thrilled to get this topic as I am passionate about including Aboriginal content in schools, however this unit did not come without its difficulties. Even though I have been trained to teach treaties in the classroom last semester, I still felt that I had to teach myself a lot of this information because I was never taught it in school. This makes it very hard for me to teach it to my students. That is why I have been doing a lot of background research to try to get the best grasp on the topic as I can. This is one reason I have been nervous to teach.

The second reason why I have been nervous to teach is because of the topic content. There is so much to cover in such a small indicator. The information is so important and I do not want the overload of information to make my unit boring for the students. This is why I tried to include going outside or being active as best as I could in this unit. For my first lesson, the students get an introduction to the topic of how treaty land is sacred by going outside for a lesson. In other lessons I have tried to include getting up and walking to centres or stopping lectures for an interactive brain break. I hope that these little tricks will be effective in keeping the student’s attention.


Photo Credit: klisu via Compfight cc

I feel that a lot of teachers feel that physical education has to be done strictly in the gymnasium. This is not true at all. We can keep out students active in all subjects and still teach what we want to teach. My lessons above are just one example. What are some ways that you are keeping your students active in the units you have planned for three week block?

2 Responses to “Three Week Block”

  1. alyshiavankannel March 7, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    Hey Brenna! I’m helping my students to get some activity by having three lessons that are outside. It’s a unit on playground safety, and I thought a playground unit in the springtime would be cruel to teach indoors! So, they are demonstrating their knowledge through several lessons outdoors! 🙂
    You’ll do amazing– your passion will show through and speak volumes about the material, too, don’t forget. The content and your knowledge of it is not always the primary influence! Keep us posted. Good luck and great work at incorporating some activity.

    • Brenna Moser March 13, 2013 at 1:25 am #

      Thanks so much Alyshia- your encouragement really means a lot to me 🙂 I am so happy to hear that you are doing lessons outside. The kids are going to love it! Keep me posted how they go. My lesson outside went well and I could tell the kids liked it too.

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