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Staying Active During the Break

23 Feb

Hello again everyone!

Hope you all have been having a great break! Even though I have been swamped with homework the whole time it has still been nice not to have to go to class. I love being able to have more time to spend with my family and friends especially since lately I have had the winter blues. Don’t get me wrong, I do love winter…that is in November and December. Even January isn’t too bad. When February hits however, the winter blues set in and I am constantly dreaming of summer. The worst is looking at pictures on Facebook of all of you who got to go somewhere hot this break. It makes me want to sit on my couch, curl up in a blanket and eat a whole bag of chips. This, of course, only makes the winter blues worse. So I tried to do a few things to keep my body and mind active during the last of the winter season.

At first I thought that I wasn’t being that active this break, but when I look back there were a few things that I did that were so fun I never even realised I was being active! When my family and I went to Brandon for a few nights, we tried out ten pin bowling for the first time. It was SO FUN! My dad even tried out his “Flintstone bowing” which was hilarious. It surprised me how heavy some of the balls can be. What also surprised me was the muscles you use that you don’t realise till the next morning! The lunging and throwing can make you sore after a few games!

Another bit of fun I had this break was going sledding. No, not tobogganing, the motorized brrrrap! kind of sledding. When I usually go with my boyfriend and his family, I am kind of a scaredy cat and sit with my legs locked in the front the whole time. This time, however, I decided to be a bit more brave. I was standing on the snow mobile, using my legs to cushion small jumps and leaning side to side in the powder. I was surprised how much of a workout this can be, especially in the deep snow! I was so tired afterwards! It was so fun (especially because it was beautiful out)and worth it.

This just goes to show that it is not hard to be active. You can find an activity that is fun and a good workout in so many places. What did you do this break to stay active?


The Hall of Shame

13 Feb

We have all heard of them; the games that have no place in the gymnasium. They are the games that every physical educator has fallen to at least once or twice when their plans fall through. They are the games from our past that make us shudder when we hear their names mentioned and that still make us wary about entering the gymnasium today. They are also the games that are to be discouraged from using in our classes in the future. But what if these games could be modified so that we could use them appropriately with our students?

The Hall of Shame is an article about these feared games that we use in our physical education classes. The articles are quite old (from 1992 and 1994) but a lot of the facts still remain true. These games vary from dodgeball, red rover, kick ball and even tag. The article states that the games have “a lack of emphasis on teaching motor skills and lifetime physical fitness skills” as well as “the potential to embarrass a student in front of the rest of the class”. This reminded me of all the horror stories I have heard of students getting smacked straight in the face during dodgeball and ending up with a bloody nose. There are also the times I remember in my own experience where the outfielders in kickball would sit picking dandelions because no one could kick that far. This article makes some good points, but it also makes me question if we can still use these games to our advantage rather than to our disadvantge.

In my KIN class last semester, we tackled this topic. We mostly focused on dodgeball. Our proffessor told us that yes, the original dodgeball is useless to use in physical education. With a few minor adjustments, however, these games can be used successfully. One example is using the opportunity to recieve a phyical acitivty such as push ups or jumping jacks instead of elimination. Also, cones can be used as targets to be knocked over instead of the balls being thrown at people. These are just minor adjustments that can be used to re-invent the whole game to a more fun, accepting and skillful game.

Here is a PDF I found with multiple dodgeball variations, some good and some not so good. I challenge you as educators to not delete these games totally from your plans, but rather modify them so that they can be useful. What games did you not like in school? What are some ways you could modify this game to make it more enjoyable for your students?

We Are the Best Resources

5 Feb

In one of our classes, we have been asked to present why using technology in class is important. We could pick anything to present on as long as it included using some sort of technology in the classroom. Well, as anyone who uses the internet knows, the opportunities here are endless! So our group chose something simple but oh so useful: blogging.

I first discovered blogging in my ECMP (education computers class) with Alec Couros, an absolute computer genius! He encouraged us to open our minds to the world of blogging so that we could see all the opportunities it had to offer. I, however, did not take it too seriously. I mean who had time for this when we had a million assignments to do, am I right?


Photo Credit: ~Aphrodite via Compfight cc

Then came my rediscovery of blogging in EPE thanks to Brian. Now that I am in my third year, the reality of me getting my degree and becoming a teacher in just over a year is setting in. And boy, is that scary! I still have so many questions that need answering! Who am I going to look to help me when I need those questions answered?

You see, we are each other’s best resource! Through media such as this blog, we can continue to communicate with each other no matter where the world takes us. We can share those experiences with each other. If we do not know the answer to a problem we are pondering, we can point each other in the right direction through posts and connections made through this blog. It is amazing and makes me feel a little better about growing up so fast! Thank you Alec for introducing me to this amazing virtual world and thank you Brian for seeing that I stick to it!

So now, my fellow teachers, I have for you a phys ed blog to help you through your teaching journey. It is called Teach PE Like a Rock Star it and contains numerous interesting articles, resources and even challenges for teachers to try in their class. One article I found very interesting on this blog is called The Hall of Shame. It discusses six traditional games that are said not to be used in the phys ed class because of isolation, lack of skills, and many other reasons. The blog asks you to read the article and argue the fact why one of the games should be allowed in the class. Hmmmm….I wonder what my next blog post will be about? Stay in tune as I am sure I will be writing about this soon!